Did you ever read a news article about how images from space were being used to monitor deforestation and predict crop yields? Or listen to scientists and engineers talk about machine learning algorithms and how they were helping inform people about floods and earthquakes and the safest areas to be in during a disaster?


And think that those were cool tools that would be really helpful in your area of work - but you didn't quite know how to get started among all the online courses that were available, or what was most useful in your industry, or how to translate what you had done for research into something industry would understand?


That was our founder, Gayathri, a few years ago - trying to figure out the quickest and easiest way to pick up the latest tools and research in data science that could be applied to solve problems in water, energy, climate, and agriculture among other clean tech sectors. And this was as a scientist who had already been using machine learning, remote sensing and a few other data science tools in her research.


She found that it took a lot of digging into online courses to find out the relevant ones, figuring out which books were useful and putting together a patchwork of different sources for a wide range of tools that she needed. That took a lot of time and effort since this field is so new and official university courses are still being established. As she was trying to do this in addition to her existing job, it was a lot of weekends and late nights and frustration!


Ecoformatics LLC was born out of this frustration - a desire to build a company that would help busy professionals in the clean technology field get started in data science, learn technology that was relevant to clean tech sectors, and keep up with advances in the science.


And that's what we do here. We conduct workshops and online courses on data science tools in various clean tech sectors, publish reports and advise companies on their data strategy. 


It’s for anyone who is interested in understanding how artificial intelligence and data science are helping to solve problems in water, agriculture, energy and so much more.


The goal is to enable the expert and the layperson to keep up with the advances in an exciting new field, land an investment opportunity, prepare for the next big meeting or find a job.




Gayathri is an award-winning scientist who has been pioneering the integration of clean technology and data science since 2003. She worked in  large organizations, including Facebook, Argonne National Laboratory, several Silicon Valley startups and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards. As a scientist, her work has been recognized by the US National Academies of Science and Engineering for innovative environmental research and she was invited by the White House in 2014 to participate in the conference on innovation in clean technology and big data. As an engineer and data scientist, she built the data infrastructure, including data pipelines, dashboards and algorithms, for several startups. She received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Bachelors in Civil Engineering from BITS, Pilani, India.


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