Have you ever wondered how AI, machine learning and data science can be applied effectively to solve problems facing the planet today? 

Our free courses introduce you to different clean technology sectors (energy, water, agriculture, sustainability, and climate among others) where data science is being used, give you a quick look at career paths and companies where data science is being applied in clean tech and get you started on your path to applying AI for the planet.

We also have virtual, networking events every month or so as part of this plan where we talk about interesting problems being solved in the space, meet other professionals and get together as a community.

These foundational courses will always be free and you will be notified of additional material as we add it. We believe that solving the planet's problems needs all the tools we can use and are excited to help you get started making a difference!


1. Careers in Clean Technology and Data Science: A short video course introducing the different roles, career pathways, tools and organizations that a clean technology data scientist may be interested in.

2. Getting Started with Data Science: A short video course for professionals in clean technology fields who are interested in understanding how they can use data science in their fields. It's an introduction to different tools, applications and problem solving with data science.

3. The Clean Tech Data Scientist's Essential Toolkit: A short report with all the programs, algorithms and tools that anyone working in clean tech and applying data science needs.

4. Installing Python, GIS, R and other tools: A DIY guide to installing and using Python, GIS, R, and SQL - some of the common software tools in data science and clean technology.