Our in-depth, cohort based courses to enable you to master how and where to apply data science in your specific clean technology sector. We have online, asynchronous instruction, virtual office hours and a supportive community of peers and experts in the sector.

With these courses, our goal is to help professionals working in these specific sectors to go from “I’ve never coded, I hate statistics and I’m not sure how useful machine learning and AI are to my problems” to “I can now build useful machine learning models, I understand when and how to apply data science, and I can successfully build and manage a team that can use these new technologies in my company and sector”

Coming Soon!

AgTech introduction
Coming in 2024: Introducing AgTech - Data Science and Machine Learning in Agriculture and Forestry

What is AgTech? What are the tools and how do you use data science? Get started installing Python, GIS and other data science tools; build machine learning models for crops; and visualize and present data and analyses to stakeholders in our introductory AgTech course

Coming in 2023/2024: Advanced Courses in Water Tech and AgTech

We'll have specialized courses on spatial statistics, time series analysis, deep learning models, advanced machine learning, integrating water, crop and machine learning models and more.