Data Science in the Water Industry

Smart water is a $22 billion industry that has been growing exponentially over the last five years and is making an impact to the lives of billions of people by increasing access to safe water, minimizing operational costs and mitigating the impacts from floods and other water related disasters.

How is this done? How do you integrate statistics, hydrological models, machine learning and smart sensor data effectively to build useful solutions?

The Water Tech Track

Our water tech track will explore the use of AI and big data in water resources management, groundwater, ocean technology, drinking water and wastewater treatment.

We'll present courses about data in the water tech sector - how to get it and what's useful, models - commonly used physical models like SWAT, MODLFOW and HYDRUS, spatial and temporal statistics, and when and how we build machine learning algorithms.

We'll work from the basics - the tools to use and installing them, getting started with coding - to advanced neural networks, physics-based models and more.

Latest Research, Real-World Problems and a Community of Peers

We'll be working through these concepts and ideas with real-world problems in the industry where we'll explore applications like flood prediction, drought management, and predictive maintenance in plant operations.

We'll also keep you up to date on the latest research and technological developments in the field, and connect you to a community of peers and experts.