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Snippets in Clean Technology and Data Science: Biomimicry and sustainable materials

Gayathri Gopalakrishnan Biomimicry Sustainability

One of the newest entrants in the clean tech arena is the field of biomimicry and sustainable materials. Research in nanotechnology and biological systems is driving a lot of innovation in how we design materials so that they can be easily recycled/reused or degraded naturally to return to the environment. And not just material design, but also a whole suite of novel solutions to problems that are based on biological systems. First off – designing monitoring systems that can track and monitor wildlife and natural systems.  An interesting interplay between clean technology and data science lies in biomimicry –where natural...

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Snippets in Clean Technology and Data Science: Sustainability Accounting

Gayathri Gopalakrishnan Sustainability

Let’s take a look at one of the traditional clean tech sectors – sustainability accounting. Now, this is a term that’s used in many different contexts, but traditionally, it refers to the use and flow of materials and energy. This could be locally, within a company, regionally for a specific sector across countries or monitoring a specific material over the globe. Most large companies these days track their metrics on sustainability – carbon footprint, water usage, waste, conflict minerals and so on… These metrics and the associated analyses are typically presented in reports that are one-time downloads or available in...

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