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Water, Water Everywhere – But Where’s The Funding?

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How many times did you think about water this month?   If you’re like most people in developed countries, you probably only thought about it when paying your water bill – or if there were news articles about floods or droughts or oceans. If you’re in parts of the world where water is not plentiful, the chances are that you thought about it if you had to plan your day around when water was going to come out of the tap. If, like many of the poor, you had to walk miles or stand in queues to collect drinking water,...

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Where Are The Clean Tech and Data Science Startups?

Gayathri Gopalakrishnan Market Startups

An interesting place to look at how the ecoinformatics market is evolving is to take a look at the startup scene in this space. What’s really interesting about the clean tech and big data space is that innovation happens at all levels – startups, national and state government institutions, cities, large companies, non-profit organizations, just to name a few. People and organizations are working to solve problems at different scales and that drives innovative solutions in all the different clean tech sectors. For example, the Nature Conservancy is doing some really interesting work in looking at how remote sensing and...

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