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Nature’s Supply And Demand Problem

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“Supply and demand” is a phrase that’s more commonly associated with economics and business than with the environment. And yet, when we think about it – Nature provides several services that we take for granted… until they aren’t there anymore. Clean air for example – natural systems have filtered and purified air around cities and homes for many years, until the output from our cities becomes too much for the natural system and then we start noticing the smog and pollution. Or flood control – mangroves in the coastal areas of the tropics provide buffers against storm surges and flooding...

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An example marketplace: The Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Market for Conservation

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Here we’re going to take a look at one of the smaller sectors in clean tech and look at how data science is making a huge impact. This is just an example of how the market is likely to evolve for the ecoinformatics sector.   The environment has often been seen as nothing more than an unlimited source of materials that are then turned into useful products that human beings can use. While this viewpoint was challenged in the latter half of the 20th century, there still remains a sense that the environment is more of an after thought for...

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